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Grease Sprinkle.

9/16/13 by Theshortsoflife

So I decicded to learn HTML again. And I decided to make a website that tells you where you can find my videos etc. The website does not look really fancy. But you could check it out if you want to. I will try to spice up the website a little bit more. That is only if I feel like it. If you want to check out my website just goto this link.


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html is my fave program languafe

10/7/13 Theshortsoflife responds:

I find it easier to learn then the other languages :-D



I've done HTML (and other scripting) for almost 6 years. Its fun. Good luck!

9/30/13 Theshortsoflife responds:

Yeah scripting is fun. I am learning Lua, ActionScript and HTML.